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In an era permeated with technological omnipresence, an ardent bibliophile is orchestrating a revival of the tangible paperback, aimed at guiding the younger generation towards uncharted literary realms.

Alan Dingley, the custodian of knowledge at Palmerston North Library, has aligned himself with the ManawatÅ« District Library’s summer reading initiative, fostering the gateway to fresh adventures nestled within the pages of books.

In the year 2023, Dingley assumed the mantle of Te Awhi Rito New Zealand Reading Ambassador, and he has not squandered a moment in employing his erudition for a noble cause.

As a steward of the written word, Dingley ardently extols the paramount significance of reading in the lives of budding New Zealanders, their familial units, and the broader communities. Dingley articulated his aspiration, elucidating that he aims to metamorphose the solitary pursuit of reading into a vibrant, performative, and imaginative endeavor. He achieves this through his animated narration of nascent tales and the vivid portrayal of characters during his presentations.

“With many tomes designed for the young serving as conduits of inspiration, conduits for profound emotions, and repositories of value-laden narratives, these literary works can serve either as a reflective mirror to unveil one’s essence or as a portal, whisking readers away to distant realms,” Dingley eloquently asserted.

The custodian of community services at the library, Adie Johansen, underscored the pivotal role that guardians play in advocating for their children’s literary development and actively engaging in the process.

“The act of vocalizing the written word to a child during their formative years serves as the bedrock for forging a more profound and enduring connection between guardian and progeny,” Johansen emphasized.

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