Two Senators Collect Signatures for Secret Budget CPU

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday 16 the Provisional Measure that recreates the Ministry of Labor and Welfare MP 105821 also transfers the Special Secretariat of Culture from the Ministry of Citizenship to the Ministry of Tourism

The attributions related to work and social security were under the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and are transferred to the new ministry which is also responsible for managing the complementary social security

Among the attributions of the new Ministry is the definition of employment and income generation policies salary policy social security labor inspection and union registration

The Provisional Measure also provides for transitional rules for the redistribution of civil servants public employees and temporary personnel

In addition it authorizes for restructuring purposes the alteration of amounts and the redistribution of commissioned positions and commissioned functions The MP will be sent to the Senate

Deputies rejected all the highlights presented by the parties Among them the amendment by Deputy Bohn Gass PTRS which attributed to the Ministry the definition of the policy to eradicate child labor and slavelike work and the labor immigration policy

Another rejected amendment was the one that intended to include among the ministrys attributions that of permanently monitoring and evaluating the effects of new technological items in employment contracts proposed by Congresswoman

The highlight of the MDB that intended to remove the creation of the electronic labor address from the text was also left out.

enators collect signatures to create a CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) with the objective of investigating the news of alleged irregularities in the budget execution.

There are two requirements on the topic each focusing on one year of budget execution: one concerns 2020 the other to 2021.

The application for 2020, by senator Roberto Rocha (PSDB-MA), has the support of 13 other senators.

In the document on 2021 by senator Rodrigues (Rede-AP) the proposal is to investigate the co-option of political support and the allegations of irregularity in the use of public funds under the heading amendment of the rapporteur through voluntary transfers and through the direct execution of the central administration and its linked budget units from 2021.

The aforementioned practices became known as the secret budget, due to the criticism of the lack of transparency of the most recent modality of amendment, which allows the general rapporteur of the Union Budget to designate the transfers each year.

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