Lunar Society Will Serve As The New Home of Moonbirds DAO

Moonbirds DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization focused on funding space-related projects, has announced that it will relocate to the Lunar Society platform. Yes you have heard it right, Lunar Society will serve as the new home of Moonbirds DAO.

The Lunar Society is a decentralized platform that facilitates collaborations and resource-sharing among space-related projects and initiatives.

Moonbirds DAO is a community-driven platform that aims to support space exploration, research, and development projects. It allows members to propose and vote on funding for various projects, and the platform’s native token, MOON, is used to facilitate transactions and decision-making.

According to official news by Moonbirds, “The Lunar Society will play a critical role in helping (projects) come to life by incentivizing, highlighting, and supporting our community members to build the brand and explore creative opportunities.”

The decision to move to Lunar Society was made after careful consideration and consultation with the Moonbirds DAO community. Lunar Society’s focus on space-related initiatives and its decentralized approach to collaboration and resource-sharing were cited as key factors in the decision.

The only individuals who may vote for the Lunar Society are Moonbirds and Mythic holders. Owners of a Moonbird NFT have three votes, whereas owners of a Mythic NFT have one vote. To be clear, even if all 20,000 Mythics hatch, Moonbirds (and their holders) will continue to have majority voting power.

Holders can join specialised Discord groups and go to twice-weekly Town Halls where developers can share their early ideas and obtain input and support from the neighbourhood in order to learn about new initiatives. Every two weeks, a fresh set of suggestions is made available for examination and voting.

The move is expected to provide Moonbirds DAO with access to a wider network of space-related projects and resources and opportunities for collaboration and growth. The Lunar Society platform is designed to share knowledge, skills, and resources among space-related initiatives and foster a community-driven approach to space exploration and development.

The relocation to Lunar Society is seen as a positive step for Moonbirds DAO and the broader space-related community. By joining forces with other like-minded initiatives and leveraging the benefits of a decentralized platform, Moonbirds DAO is well-positioned to continue to drive innovation and growth in the space sector.

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