GECFD Research Project Promotes Green Fuels and Digital Modelling

VTT, a Finnish technological research center, has launched a new initiative dubbed the GECFD research project, which aims to develop unique, cost-effective technologies for green fuels and the digital modeling of their utilization.

The project intends to hasten the commercialization of these technologies, making them more accessible to businesses and consumers.

The development of internal combustion engines for marine applications will be one of the primary uses of the GECFD modeling platform.

The Zero Emission Marine ecosystem, led by the marine technology company Wartsila, aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one of the most polluting businesses on the planet. Shipping is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions, and VTT encourages the switch to carbon-free fuels.

In addition to its utility in generating green fuels, the GECFD project can also aid in creating synthetic fuels. Neste, the leading manufacturer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, participates in an ecosystem entrusted with finding innovative solutions.

The GECFD platform is built using open-source software, meaning that the simulation tools generated during the project’s duration will be freely accessible upon its conclusion. Businesses such as AGCO Power, Koja, and Vahterus are participating in the 1,1 million euro project, which is financed by Business Finland.

VTT is actively advancing in additional growth areas, including considerable new research investments over the next three years.

Among the funding, initiatives are a five-million-euro investment for the next phase of developing a nuclear energy concept for a local district heat reactor and a new research and piloting platform for plastic and textile recycling.

VTT is also creating a piloting environment for sustainable fiber goods and a digital development platform for biosynthetic materials.

It has invested in expanding its Oulu research facilities, which house a piloting environment for photonics-based medical devices and wireless wearable technologies.

These advancements are anticipated to hasten the journey to market and into the healthcare business for these items. VTT also actively supports a national project to reinforce Finland’s position as one of the EU’s most significant microelectronics and quantum technology centers.

Antti Vasara, CEO of VTT, stated that the organization assists businesses in undergoing self-renewal and in establishing new circumstances for a green transition.

The investments and support activities of the technical research center for the years 2023 to 2025 are intended to accelerate industry renewal in enterprises and attract more direct investments in such companies. According to Vasara, many Finnish and foreign businesses have already agreed to become research partners about these investments.

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