Shannon Heating and Air Cooling Celebrates 30 Years

Shannon Heating and Cooling recently celebrated 30 years of service in Mountain Grove. “We have had many customers for the full 30 years,” Bob Shannon stated. “The business has been good to us and we have to thank our customers,” he added.

Shannon added that their employees have also been important to the growth of the business. Three employees have been with the business for 25 plus years.

Shannon stated that he and his wife, Brenda, were the only employees of the company when they started, having purchased P&​M Heating and Air Conditioning from Willard McCarty. He stated that he took high school vocational education courses from Dean Postlewait for two years and worked for Gary Hudson at Mountain Grove Electric from 1980 to 1987.

The services provided by the company are similar to those when they started including heating and air conditioning sales and service, commercial refrigeration, and electrical. Gas furnaces or heat pumps are still the most common heating sources. He pointed to an increased interest in ductless systems.

The company now serves an area within a 50 mile circle around Mountain Grove and is a York distributor. They currently have 10 employees. Their daughter, Kayla Drake and her husband, Matt; and the Shannon’s son, Paul, are also involved in the business.

Bob Shannon stated that he and his wife would like to pass the business on to their children.

Shannon stated that he prefers the field work to the administrative functions of the business, but he works behind a desk most of the time now.

Changes in technology have been one of the biggest shifts in the industry since he started. This requires that personnel attend training sessions several times a year and keep up with appropriate certifications.

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