Domestic Work Legislation Control Working On Breaks

Different location as in the case of a caretaker not exceeding 20 The transport voucher can be discounted but at the limit of 6 There can be no discount for the provision of food clothing hygiene or housing as well as expenses with transport accommodation and food in case of traveling companion explained.

One of the changes with the new domestic work legislation was the control of working hours recording breaks and possible overtime with a limit of 8 hours a day and 44 hours a week The employer can choose shifts of 12 hours worked with 36 hours of rest or up to 25 hours.

The Ministrys National Coordinator for Combating Discrimination and Promotion of Work Opportunities Marina Cunha stressed that it is necessary to talk about these rights as there is still a lack of information about the legislation.

Salaried domestic work is responsible for the occupation of millions of Brazilian women and hundreds of thousands of men We have our own legislation since 2015 but there is still a lot of ignorance about the legislation rights and duties that involve this work.

According to the undersecretary for labor inspection at the Ministry of Labor and Welfare Rômulo Machado domestic slave labor has increased in recent years It is important to make employers aware of fundamental rights This campaign involves a great deal of guidance in favor of improving working conditions.

Complaints of slave labor can be made confidentially through the Ipê platform The Brazilian Penal Code typifies the condition analogous to slavery and describes it as forced labor or exhausting work either subjecting you to degrading working conditions or restricting by any means your locomotion due to debt contracted with the employer The penalty for this crime ranges from two to eight years

According to Marina Cunha in 2021 approximately 30 workers were rescued from domestic work similar to slavery This year we are in February and many workers are being rescued from this situation We know this exists and we need to work to eradicate this form of submission.

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