Ministry launches campaign on domestic worker rights

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare launched an awareness campaign on the rights of domestic workers to warn about violations that can be committed at home The National Campaign for Decent Domestic Work will have inspection actions that will notify employers if conditions that do not comply with the Law are identified.

The labor inspection is one of the structures aimed at inspecting and forwarding the punishment of labor violations including domestic activities.

Inspection can occur in several ways notification by letter institutional email and in person visit to the work place and document analysis These situations can be reported on several channels such as dial 100 the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in addition to the Public Ministry of Labor.

The employment relationship between employer and domestic worker occurs when a person provides continuous service for more than two days a week at the employers home.

This does not only imply the physical house as is the case with drivers The domestic employer can be a person family or group And these individuals need to coin habit the same place.

Another important aspect in this relationship is that the hiring cannot have a profit purpose that is the employer cannot have an increase in equity for the activity that the employee does According to labor tax auditor Dercylete Lisboa if the maid is warm this maid will no longer be exclusively domestic to have her bond regulated by the CLT in a main way she explained.

The activities performed by the domestic worker are those of care of people and of the house itself including activities such as cleaning The worker must necessarily receive remuneration that must be equal to or higher than the minimum wage in addition to the transport voucher and the thirteenth salary This remuneration cannot be paid with housing or food.

Domestic workers also have the right to formalize their employment relationship The portfolio must contain the basic elements of the employment contract such as the date of admission whether or not it has experience and remuneration The legislation allows some types of discount such as salary advance and housing.

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