40 Years After the New World Artist Launch

Bubblegum hits appear almost daily even more so in times of social networks with videos and choreographies that go viral In this universe however having more than one hit and becoming a reference in music is not for everyone What will it say to be remembered even after 40 years as Elis Regina This Wednesday 19 its been four decades since the singer left us early at just 36 years old

Elis strength for many to date the greatest singer in Brazil is reflected in the legacy left by her The artists work is still more alive than ever with the lyrics of current songs and as inspiration for new works by established musicians and names of the new generation.

Marília who also left early at age 26 in November 2021 extolled Eliss story in interviews more than once Still in have already released their voices to the sound of one of the greatest hits of the eternal Como Nosso Pais Sandy Didi Gomes and other singers also had the opportunity to pay tribute.

The latest and boldest project made in tribute to Elis is by Illy In an interview with R7 the singer commented on which brings a more modern version of the artists songs The album had repercussions among a younger audience that still didn’t know Elis and started to admire her.

The idea was to do something contemporary and different from everything that great singers have done I was filled with joy and was impressed by many messages from a young group who wrote me thanking them for having known Elis through my album It was a brave tribute Elis will always be an inspiration When studying recording going on stage And Im sure not just for me said Illy who unfortunately had to cancel the tribute shows due to the Covid19 pandemic

The singer also highlighted the greatness of Elis short and overwhelming trajectory and evaluated the lyrics of the songs that are still current.

It sounds cliché but Elis is really timeless Her voice keeps echoing and so many singers of mine and other generations have her singing as a reference And as she knew how to choose repertoire I felt closely when choosing what to record in Te Adorando Pelo Averse and mainly noting that those songs worked so much for the moment he said

Who doesnt keep asking the Martian for help wanting to escape this planet Its notorious how our fauna and our country continue to need the alert that is Querela do Brasil I think it was Elis who taught Brazilian music to live and learn to play her voice to be noticed that she has always been and will always be one of the most important artists in our country and always singing our country he added

In the 40 years without Elis the artist will be honored with documentaries and a comic strip according to information from the newspaper O Estado de S Paulo The forecast is that the three projects will be launched between the second half of this year and the beginning of 2023.

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