Prices Of Houses in Mexicans Rise Due To Real Estate Boom

It is true that the purchase of a property depends largely on the economic situation The cost of the house or property and the expenses that this generates opening of credit down payment deed expenses and the monthly payments of the mortgage loan in addition to the analysis of the real estate offer the state of the same and the materials the investment in re-modeling or construction and the potential to increase its value in the short term.

In the words of Iván Carmona Cofounder and Commercial Director of 100 Ladrillos we have seen the advantages of making investments in real estate to put on rent and that generates an income month by month but for this we must have for example at least 2 millions of pesos Not all of us have access to that capital

That is why 100 Bricks created a digital platform in which you can buy and sell shares of real estate 100 online which allows you to acquire real estate divided into equal parts which are called Bricks

In 100 Bricks a property can be divided into 100 or more Bricks so that a person can be the owner of a part or Brick of that property and have a participation in it being the owner of his proportional part and the monthly earnings equal to his s «brick s» of the property the generation of capital gains and the benefits of a real estate investment

Combining technology and experience in 100 Bricks that offers a real estate collective investment platform within the reach of all Mexicans and as easy as a click

In this regard Carmona in this same talk tells us at the heart of the creation of 100 Bricks the founders faced these complexities This is where the question arises from Hugo Blum our Founder and CEO should there be a simpler and easier formula to have access to this asset that is not so expensive At this point 100 Bricks was born making this a reality great dream of facilitating and making investment in real estate more accessible democratizing access to heritage construction and that there may be real estate for all Mexicans

100 Ladrillos was born in 2017 and after a path of arduous work on September 30 2021 it obtained the license granted by the National Banking and Securities Commission to operate as a Regulated Financial Technology Institution ITF or FINTECH for its acronym in English.

In addition to the endorsement of the license as FINTECH by the CNBV the celebration of agreements between applicants and investors for investors to acquire Bricks in order that they receive income or rather a participation in the income and profits that are generated by the Taking advantage of the real estate projects in which it has been invested and that everything is through a trust which provides fiduciary support and legal security for its users as well as total transparency.

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