Inflation Affects People’s Health Indirectly

Brazilian doctors can use inflation as an argument to convince their clients to walk or cycle more avoid refined sugar and reduce coffee consumption.

With the 5277 increase in fuel prices in the last 12 months according to data from the IPCA Broad Consumer Price Index for November consumers do not even need much encouragement to be convinced to leave their car in the parking lot.

In Brazil ground coffee rose 4152 in one year 687 in November alone Refined sugar has soared 5138 since the end of last year 323 in the last month

In relation to sugar it is not compensating or seeking healthier types The crystal type had an increase of 400 and the demerara of 2816 rates well above the 12month inflation registered by the IPCA of 1074

Commuting on foot by bicycle skateboard or scooter not the electric one are ways to make your body and monthly bills leaner Vehicle fuels rose 5277 in 12 months with the highlights being ethanol 6940 and gasoline 5038

Depending on the region of the country the situation is even worse when it comes to refueling the car In the Federal District ethanol was 7668 more expensive in the period and gasoline 5931 In both cases they were the biggest variations in Brazil.

Those who file the full Income Tax form legal deductions have until December 31 to invest in a private pension plan to lessen the Lions bite in 2022.

The deadline for those who want to take advantage of the deduction of up to 12 of taxable income in the next year is until the 31st because the annual income tax adjustment declaration takes into account all transactions made by the taxpayer until the last day of the calendar year.

But it is necessary to pay attention to several points to be able to take advantage of the social security tax advantage because if you choose the wrong plan or declare using the simplified model you will not have the benefit of the deduction.

An example the contribution to the official social security is fully deductible from the IR but the contributions to the private social security are limited to 12 of the taxable income and can only be deducted if the taxpayer has also paid the official social security.

Contributions must also have been made in the year 2021 its not worth having only a pension balance and wanting to deduct.

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