99 Invites Partner Drivers for Testing with CNG

At this time of economic crisis with fuel prices rising way beyond inflation 99 a technology company dedicated to urban mobility takes another step to collaborate with the earnings of partner drivers

The platform starts a pilot project for the rental of a CNG Natural Vehicle Gas conversion kit to 100 partner drivers of the platform in the city of São Paulo

Depending on the vehicle model the installation can generate monthly savings of around R 15 thousand on average for those who use the car with high frequency This is because CNG yields more than other fuels

With natural gas in the city of São Paulo according to data from the ANP National Petroleum Agency each kilometer driven costs an average of R 032 for the driver considering an average price.

CNG With gasoline this price rises to R066 per kilometer traveled considering the average price of R664 per liter.

In this pilot project for the time being the gas kit will be provided to 100 partner drivers in the city of São Paulo where the races are generally longer The forecast however is to expand the initiative to other cities where 99 operates starting in 2022.

We are testing several alternatives to deal with the rising fuel crisis At 99 we believe in building solutions together with our partners and therefore we are going to test the projects feasibility in collaboration with our drivers.

We hope that the initiative will bring real benefits with savings and advantages for those who drive through the platform declares Livia Pozzi 99s director of operations and products.

Since the beginning of the escalation in fuel prices which impacted our operation and our partners we have carried out research and studies to find solutions that maintain the balance on the platform and offer improvements.

Urban mobility We launched a package of measures and readjustments in the earnings of partner drivers and now we present a solution that delivers more profitability by lowering their operating costs while maintaining the offer of affordable safe and efficient transport for passengers explains.

The Gas Kit offered by 99 must be installed in an accredited workshop The service will be provided upon signature of a contract.

For the first 50 selected volunteers 99 also grants a R200 voucher to be used for cylinder filling on average a CNG cylinder filling costs.

Drivers interested in volunteering for the project must register on the initiatives official page and wait to be selected in the process At the address he will also find more information about the selection and the project.

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