Again Elections in Venezuela Could Be Maduro Future

Venezuelas regional and municipal elections take place on Sunday 21 amid a political and social crisis unprecedented in the history of the Latin American country.

These elections are an advance that has a lot to do with the suffering that Venezuelans have been going through in the last ten years with many problematic internal processes but also with external pressures and interventions It is a scenario that generated a humanitarian crisis in South America says Borges

The serious social crisis that Venezuela is experiencing has weakened Maduros government which could experience this in numbers in this months elections Still Borges points out that the left has a majority in the country and that a shift to the right could be far away.

Nicolas Maduros regime widely criticized by the international community and questioned by Venezuelas real political and judicial freedom has the chance to show the world a country with a democratic bias and a conciliatory tone

This is what the director of Ilaesp Latin American Institute of Economy Society and Politics Borges believes citing that the participation of the opposition and international observers can bring Venezuela to a new beginning.

The novelty of this election is that the opposition will legitimize this election and participate with force in the vote There is also greater openness to international observers which does not guarantee that the election will be free totally legitimate that everything will go well but within an impasse that has lasted for years it is a step forward

For the director of Ilaesp the economic and political crisis in Venezuela was caused both by the left which is in power with Maduro and by the right which proclaimed Juan as the countrys interim president with the support of the international community.

In the last elections the right has been getting stronger and restructuring in Venezuela while Maduro has been losing credibility explains Borges while pointing out that the Venezuelan president still has broad support It is not a majority that is purely the result of political and social manipulations or voters Many people still have an ideological affinity.

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