Students Endorsed Paralyzing the Work for 48 Hours From Río Piedras campus

Earlier in the day, the students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and those of the Faculty of Social Sciences had their respective assemblies and approved work stoppages, which would begin today, until next November 3, when a general assembly will be held in The enclosure.

In this way, Río Piedras joins campuses such as Mayagüez, Arecibo, Cayey, Ponce and Carolina, where students are unemployed. In the case of Mayagüez, university students endorsed an indefinite strike on Tuesday night in rejection of the austerity measures that could be implemented and put the stability of the university system at risk.

Last week, students in at least eight of the 11 campuses decreed work stoppages to express their rejection of what at that time was House Bill 1003. The measure was approved last night in the Legislature and signed hours later by Governor Pedro Pierluisi.

For his part, the rector of the Rio Piedras campus, Dr. Luis A. Ferrao, indicated, by written communication, that he met with representatives of the student body on October 22, the same day that the previous strike ended, and that they are in the process of identifying alternatives to offer longer hours of service and opening of several of the libraries on campus.

However, Ferrao stressed that they will keep the venue in operation during the strike.

“During the afternoon of last Friday, October 22, we met with student representatives to hold a dialogue aimed at addressing the claims that the students made during the strike that ended that same day and that they also claim tonight.

In order to promote a balanced academic offer for the next academic semester, we instructed, last Monday, the deans of faculties and schools that they should increase the offer of face-to-face classes for the second semester by a number greater than 50 percent “, said Ferrao in writing.

“We are also identifying alternatives to offer longer hours of service and opening of certain libraries on campus. This information was shared with the university community in the circular letter released on October 25, 2021 entitled Planning the Academic Offer for the next semester, and reported to the President of the General Student Council, Fabiana Marini ”, he added.

“We fully acknowledge the outrage of students against the budget cuts at this institution, in the same way that members of the teaching and non-teaching community on our campus feel it. However, it is our duty at this time to keep our academic operation running with distance courses, in a hybrid way or assisted by technologies, always in strict adherence to current regulations. Likewise, administrative tasks will be carried out remotely, using the means already known to all for their use during the pandemic ”, emphasized Ferrao.

“In accordance with the provisions of institutional policies regarding coexistence, openness and access to university spaces (Certifications 90-2004-2005 and 38-2015-16 90-2004-2005, issued by the Governing Board of the UPR ).

We reiterate our openness to dialogue with student leaders and we also reaffirm that we will continue to fulfill our creed of keeping the Río Piedras Campus in operation with the right to teaching and education as supreme values ​​of our administration and our community ” Ferrao said.

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