Goierri Sports Starts Two New Volleyball Department

The Goierri sports association’s volleyball department has two teams this season: senior and cadet latter is new.

The volleyball department was founded a few years ago and is gradually growing. More and more girls from Urretxu and Zumarraga are taking part in this sport.

They hope this year’s season will be quieter than last year. Although they were unable to train properly and managed to get the league up and running, due to new restrictions, they were unable to finish.

It is a way to celebrate the cultural diversity of our society, improve reception and eliminate stereotypes, creating links between indigenous people from different cultures with the aim of changing citizens ’perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. This year’s edition will take place on November 14 at around 2:00 p.m.

Because of the coronavirus, this year families will have the opportunity to participate in two ways: they can get together in their homes (as usual) or have lunch in the open air.

In order to participate, it is necessary to register in advance. Residents of Urola Garaia should contact Urretxu City Council to register or for more information.

The 2021-2022 season will be very special for both teams. Because they will compete for cadet level girls for the first time and will have new rivals for senior level girls. Among them, a group of boys. Both teams will play at the level the senior will play for promotion to the Basque League.

The cadets started the season two weeks ago. They played against in turn they went on to win, but went down at the end of the match. As for the senior team, it will start the season on Saturday. He will play against the Hernani team.

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