Belén Sánchez Sanjuan, New Director Of The Territorial Center Of Sabadell

The Banco Sabadell has named Belen Sanchez Sanjuan new director of the Territorial Center, which includes Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and part of Castile and Leon (last is divided because the province of Leon belongs to the Territorial de Sabadell Herrero).

With a degree in Economics from the University of Cantabria and an Executive MBA from ICADE, Sánchez Sanjuan has more than 20 years of experience in banking, practicing the last 13 years within Sabadell, mainly in the management of clients in the Corporate and Business field.

The Madrid race runs through Madrid de Sabadell returns to the streets after the pandemic
Sabadell’s ‘Madrid runs through Madrid’ race returns to the streets after the pandemic

The Territorial Center represents 16% of the weight of the margin over the total of Sabadell Spain , with 14,000 million euros in assets and 24,700 million in liabilities. It adds 258,034 active individual clients and another 218,109 companies.

It is the Region with the most growth potential, since Madrid is a leader in business creation and foreign investment.

“In this new stage, the objective is that we continue to be the bank’s spearhead, being an example of adaptation to the strategy and determination in the fulfillment of objectives,” says Sánchez Sanjuan.

Likewise, it indicates that, in line with the group’s strategic plan , it will turn the entire Territory into the client, growing in companies and modernizing individual banking. ” We will continue to focus on companies, we have great growth potential , with our specialization we want to continue gaining market share in the coming years,” he highlights.

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