CNMC Obliges REE To Readjust Its Contracts With Reintel In Project1199

CNMC Obliges REE To Readjust Its Contracts With Reintel In Project1199. The agency requires guarantees of priority use for the transmission network. The measure may not entail an additional cost for electricity consumers.

The body may require information from the companyThe CNMC has approved the Resolution of a procedure to oblige REE to change part of the contracts it maintains with its subsidiary Reintel. The legally binding decision may influence the partner search operation that the company was carrying out.

The company will have to guarantee the use of fiber for the electricity transmission network at all times and, for this, it will have to adapt part of the contracts it maintains with its subsidiary.

REE granted Reintel the right to use and enjoy the optical fiber necessary to carry out the transport activity in a long-term horizon, while receiving from the subsidiary a series of services, including the right to use said fiber .

The resolution leaves out the surplus optical fiber of the carrier that REE has historically assigned to its subsidiary so that it, in turn, provides telecommunications services to third parties from whose income the consumer will benefit in part in accordance with the provisions of the methodology of remuneration of the electricity transmission activity.

Article 34.5 of the Electricity Sector Law allows transmission networks to be used to carry out telecommunications activities for third parties under certain conditions.

The resolution approved by the CNMC also establishes that in the remuneration of transport, these fiber assignment contracts will not entail an additional cost for electricity consumers through access tolls.

In this sense, a series of conditions have been established that guarantee that the costs generated by this intra-group operation cannot have any impact on the remuneration of transport.

Likewise, in the legally binding decision, obligations to provide information that guarantee compliance with the conditions agreed upon have been incorporated, although the CNMC has not explained what type.

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