23 Pilot Projects Selected By EIT Project1199 To Unlock Higher Education Innovation Potential

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is pleased to announce 23 winning consortiums of the EIT HEI Initiative: Call for Pilot Proposals for Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education. 135 higher education institutions (HEIs) and 140 non-academic organizations from 32 countries will benefit from the EIT’s HEI initiative, which will receive up to € 27.5 million in funding to support the innovation capacity of HEIs across Europe.

This new initiative will support HEIs with experience and training, funding and access to the innovation ecosystem of the EIT, the largest innovation network in Europe.

The pilot call for proposals invited higher education institutions and local partners across Europe to design action plans at institutional level to enhance their entrepreneurial and innovation capacity at all institutional levels. By supporting these activities, this new EIT initiative will create a systemic impact, empowering HEIs and fostering sustainable growth and employment across Europe.

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said: “Universities have a fundamental role to play in the development and growth of local and regional innovation ecosystems. This new initiative will help them boost their capacities. entrepreneurs at all levels and unlocking their innovation potential. I congratulate the selected consortia for bringing bold and promising ideas to the table, and now is the time to take action and make them happen. ”

64 consortia representing almost 750 organizations from across Europe applied to the pilot call that closed in May 2021. As a result, 23 projects involving 135 higher education institutions and 140 non-academic organizations (companies, research centers, public authorities and associations) from 32 countries Benefit from this first call with funding of up to 27.5 million euros available. 23 Pilot Projects Selected By EIT Project1199 To Unlock Higher Education Innovation Potential

Organizations involved in the selected projects include the Medical University of Plovdiv (BG), the University of Pardubice (CZ), Robert Bosch GmbH (DE), Foundation Startup Wise Guys (EE), University of Zaragoza (ES), University of Eastern Finland (FI), Athens University of Economics and Business (GR), University College Dublin (IE) and Confindustria Trento (IT). You can find more details about the selected projects here.

Gioia Ghezzi, Chairman of the EIT Board of Directors, added: “The selected projects will benefit from the experience and training of Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem, the EIT. We are delighted that the EIT is able to expand the participation of HEIs. in our activities and we hope that more European universities will become regional engines of entrepreneurship and innovation. ”

Each selected pilot project can receive a maximum of 1.2 million euros with up to 400,000 euros for phase 1 (July – December 2021) and upon successful completion, 800,000 conditional euros for phase 2 (January 2022 to July 2023). Projects can focus on various topics, including:

– Encourage commitment and institutional change;

– Strengthen partnerships between higher education, business and research organizations;

– Development of support services for innovation and companies;

– Improve the quality of business education;

– Create and disseminate knowledge.

A second call for proposals will be announced in late 2021 for projects starting in 2022 . The initiative aims to reach 550 higher education institutions by 2027 to drive European innovation in higher education and support the twin transition towards a more sustainable, digital and competitive Europe. 23 Pilot Projects Selected By EIT Project1199 To Unlock Higher Education Innovation Potential

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