New Dogecoin Tweet by Elon Musk May Increase the Crypto Price by 50%

If there is someone who can regularly influence the market with comments on Twitter, it is Elon Musk. This week, the CEO of Tesla responded to a tweet of his own in July last year, in which he said that dogecoin’s standards are higher than those of the global financial system, On April mid after the Elon Tweet the coin price increased 400 Times and After a month today Elon Musk Tweeted again saying The DogeFather SLN May 8th.

After this tweet, in which the executive says that the growth of dogecoin is “inevitable”, the value of cryptocurrency increased exponentially, more than double now after this recent tweet that had been made an hour ago price is said to be increased by 100% Today Alone.

On Friday (16) morning, dogecoin was trading at $ 0.25, according to data from Coindesk. This means that its value grew 100% in just two days after the coin topped ten cents for the first time, Now the coin is being trending at 0.3$ in just 1 hour after the tweet and bitcoin price has decreased by 4% in past 24 hours.

If compared to Bitcoin , the price of dogecoin may not be that alarming. But, if you consider that within the value that is gradually gaining in the market, this is a great milestone.

It should be noted that, as of the closing of this article, the value of the cryptocurrency grew even more: US $ 0.3522, according to data from CoinMarketCap . This places the coin in the sixth position among the 10 with the best negotiation in the market.

The day before the most recent tweet, Musk had already published another message in which he said “Doge barking at the moon” accompanied by a painting by the artist Joan Miro, The elon musk previously shared.

The message was a play on words between the name of the painting, which, in English, is “Dog barking at the moon” and dogecoin, which also has a Japanese Shiba Inu dog in its logo.

Despite the individually smaller value, which makes it more accessible to the mass, the market value of dogecoin currently exceeds $ 44.3 billion.

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has increased the value of dogecoin. In fact, it is a “joke” that the executive has been making at least seven years. In February this year, for example, the billionaire posted a sequence of tweets that made the coin’s value go up 68% , Now after this recent fresh tweet that elon musk made on doge will increase the price by 50% Atleast in 24 hours as comparing with the previous data, Lets hope doge coin going to create boom again, For the latest crypto coins and signals follow Secret Crypto Alerts telegram group

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