UEFA Last Fire of the Super League To be Launched

The super revolution of European football announced at midnight on Sunday faces its last blows. That is, at least, the feeling after the day this Thursday, in which there was no shortage of ammunition from all fronts. The fire unleashed by the announcement of 12 of the richest clubs in Europe seems stifled. Of the 12 only two remain and Madrid , while UEFA feels like the winner and La Liga denies each and every one of the claims of Florentino main instigator of a dead project, but not yet buried.

Florentino denounced , again at midnight, that his proposal had been responded with too much hatred . “Threats, insults It seemed that we had killed football!” Exclaimed the leader on the SER network. Indeed, for many modest clubs that pharaonic competition was little less than their abyss.

Whoever believes that the Super League is dead is wrong. So far no one has left. No one has paid the penalty to do so. You cannot leave the Super League just like that, “insisted the leader, surprised by” the aggressiveness “of the presidents of UEFA and La Liga. “It looked like we had dropped an atomic bomb !”

Far from accepting his defeat with humility, Florentino still trusts in some miracle that could save his beloved invention. This is how his Madrid has won many titles , with implausible parables that have led him to glory. “The project still exists, but is now on standby .” In this case, however, the opponent is tougher. He faces the tradition of football, thousands of fans , the governments of various countries.

UEFA is not intimidated by anyone, no matter how much the Madrid president does not fear ” retaliation ” from a body that in just 72 hours went from astonishment to revelry when seeing how the Super League collapsed. Conscious of the victory against the rebels, Aleksander Ceferin returned to dispatch against the architect of the tournament.

In a day of crossfire, the evaluations of Javier Tebas could not be absent either . The president of La Liga called this Thursday a meeting with 17 First Clubs (all except Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético) and 22 Second. After two and a half hours of meeting, they issued a joint statement in which they “unanimously” rejected a “closed and elitist European league”, considering it “unfeasible and unwanted.”

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