Lesbian concert detects six positives in Era

The previous screening of the massive Love of Lesbian concert at the Palau Sant Jordi detected six positives for covid-19 among the more than 5,000 attendees at the event.

All of them asymptomatic, who obviously did not enter the event. The device to perform the antigen tests began the same Saturday at 8 am and lasted until 4 pm. in the three rooms designated for it (Razzmatazz, Luz de Gas and Apolo).

Also in the own Palau Sant Jordi the work for the laggards was finished. In total, more than twelve hours of concert for some. It seems unlikely to arrive 10 minutes before a large event like this.

Without incidents (the positives found fall within the logic of the device), the concert began with a delay of half an hour and lasted almost two hours.

Access control was exhaustive, with temperature control included in the doors of Sant Jordi. In addition to those mentioned, the security measures were limited to a mandatory FFP2 mask and the division of the 5,000 spectators into three blocks (also, of course, delimited routes, reinforced ventilation.

A great device, and expensive. The event had a budget close to 200,000 euros , of which between 80,000 and 90,000 were recovered with the sale of tickets. The promoters (festivals and other live music actors) assumed, with the help of the administration and sponsors, what was lacking.

A shocking image from the stands of Sant Jordi after a year of social distance stuck in the retina . A powerful photo of a pioneering event (called Festivals per la Cultura Segura and promoted by a multitude of live music actors) in the West. The Reuters agency chronicle considers the event “spectacular” in its headline.

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