Ayuso Alleges That He Advances The Elections To May 4

The seismic wave of MurciaIt has arrived in the form of a major political earthquake in Madrid. The regional president, the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has ordered this Wednesday the dissolution of the Assembly and has called elections for May 4 to stop the threat of a possible motion of censure to remove it from the regional government.

This decision removes the political map of Spain. “I have decided to make this decision, against my will, out of responsibility towards Madrid and Spain,” said the president, who has apologized to the people of Madrid, and has justified the decision by threatening a motion of censure, which has taken for granted, from Ciudadanos and the PSOE.

“I cannot allow Madrid to lose its freedom”, he has settled in a brief appearance at the Puerta del Sol, of just 10 minutes, in which he has not admitted questions from the press. Citizens deny that they have agreed to any initiative to unseat the PP. For their part, PSOE and Más Madrid have presented two motions of censure in the Assembly to block the dissolution of the regional Chamber.

The electoral advance decreed by Ayuso faces a legal mess. PSOE and Citizens present a motion that evicts the PP from power in Murcia. The motion of censure in Murcia widens the distrust between PP and Cs in Madrid.

“I cannot believe the amount of lies he has told,” said the Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado, on Cadena SER after Ayuso’s appearance, where he categorically denied that there was a motion of censure in motion. “We have fully respected the government agreement signed and the one who has broken the agreement has been President Ayuso.”

Aguado has also assured that the Citizens councilors have tried by all means to convince the president, during the meeting of the Governing Council in the morning, that it is not the time to call elections in the midst of the pandemic. “What he has done is reckless,” added the vice president.

At the same time, the parliamentary groups of PSOE and Más Madrid had registered in the regional Chamber two motions of censure, after one in the afternoon, with the intention of anticipating the processing of the parliamentary dissolution. However, a spokesman for the regional government has assured that the dissolution of the Chamber is already effective, since the president would have signed the decree at twelve in the morning.

It would only be missing, says the same spokesman, for it to be published tomorrow in the official gazette. The Executive relies on article 42 of the Electoral Law. The president of the Assembly, Juan Trinidad Martos, from Ciudadanos, has urgently summoned the parliamentary groups to deal with the possible legal mess.

The distribution of forces in the Assembly is as follows: PSOE has 37 deputies; PP has 30; Ciudadanos has 26, More Madrid, with 20; Vox, with 12 and Podemos with 7.

“For the good of Madrid”
Isabel Díaz Ayuso has blamed Ciudadanos for her decision to call elections in the Community of Madrid in the midst of an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis. “In the current circumstances, a stable government cannot be assured,” he said. The elections will be on May 4, and the winner will only have two years to govern, completing the legislature that is now left on hold.

“I have decided to dissolve the Assembly and call elections: I have been forced for the good of Madrid and Spain and against my will to exhaust the legislature,” said Díaz Ayuso in the Real Casa de Correos, seat of the Madrid government.

“The instability caused by PSOE and Cs in Murcia, and for a long time in other autonomies and other city councils of Madrid, has led us to this situation”, he has accused along with the seven popular advisers of his government.

“I want to apologize to the people of Madrid,” he continued. And he finished off: “I cannot allow Madrid to stop now, to raise taxes, to indoctrinate schools. That is why I put my position at the disposal of the people of Madrid. I assume everything that is to come ”.

PP and Cs formed in August 2019 the first coalition government in the history of the region. Between multiple public and private conflicts, their alliance has lasted only a year and a half. Díaz Ayuso has put an end to it this Wednesday, applying the same recipe that Vox, his only parliamentary partner, demanded: advance elections to avoid a possible motion by PSOE, Cs and Más Madrid that would replicate in Madrid what happened in Murcia. The Madrid president closes her mandate without having been able to present budgets for this year in the Assembly. The regional accounts are carried over from 2018.

The relationship between Ayuso and Aguado has been complicated during the time that the coalition has lasted, with constant disavowals from the president who until this Wednesday was her number two. Ayuso’s winks to Vox, a party with which the Madrid president has always defended that the PP is obliged to understand each other, despite the rupture that Pablo Casado staged in Congress, has been a factor that has distorted the relationship between PP and Citizens.

On video, Ignacio Aguado’s statements this Wednesday.
Aguado has appeared before the media at the headquarters of the Vice Presidency backed by his two most trusted advisers, Ángel Garrido (Transport) and Javier Luengo (Social Affairs). All three were with very serious faces.

They have known the electoral call in the Governing Council and have reproached Ayuso for not complying with what he had promised them, “full confidence” and stability, and they consider that they have not been fulfilled.

“Faced with this exercise of irresponsibility, the Socialist Party is prepared to face elections,” said the general secretary of the PSM, José Manuel Franco. “We will win again.”

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