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About The Dial

The Dial is an independent digital publication dedicated to incisive, big-picture and meaningful commentaries about politics, culture and technology. Our goal is simple: to give you the tools to make sense of, and reason about, the defining issues of our time, from the crisis of capitalism to the resurgence of nationalism in the West.

The Dial is committed to full independence. We are run by a small team of volunteers and we are entirely self-funded.

If you would like to get in touch, please write to one of our team members at the email addresses listed below or email And please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where you can engage in discussion about our articles.


Ziyaad Bhorat

Editor, Ideology, Identity and Crisis Politics

Ziyaad was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, where he completed an MSc in African Studies and his MBA, before moving to Los Angeles to study film production. He is currently working towards his PhD in political science at UCLA.

Tim Farnam


Tim is a developer and journalist working at the intersection of storytelling and technology. He is the founder of Codex Press. Previously, he was a staff writer for the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, where he covered politics, campaign finance, lobbying and congressional ethics.

Kumail Jaffer

Editorial and Business Development Intern

Kumail is a final year PPE undergrad at the University of Warwick/University of Waterloo. He is also a freelance writer and has written for HuffPost, Fresh Press Media, The Independent and Keakie.

Coco Masters

Co-Founder, Publisher

Coco graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism before working as a reporter and, eventually, Tokyo bureau chief at Time Magazine. She currently works as a Chief Producer and Content Manager for a major international automotive company.

Pawel Wargan

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Pawel completed the Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford and currently works as a lawyer in London, specialising in financial services and Brexit.

Hannah Rose Woods

Editor, Culture, Feminism and Higher Education

Hannah is currently finishing a PhD in cultural history at the University of Cambridge. She researches urban history, emotions, and cultures of drug taking and intoxication. She has written for the New Statesman, The Guardian, and Elle Magazine.

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